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Key Holding Service

Carl Barclay (+34) 659 853 645

Would you expect your neighbour to attend an emergency alarm call-out at 2am while you’re away? 
Is your neighbour too polite to say no?  Let us give you another option .... 

Subscribe to our service for just €87.12 (€72 +IVA) a year, which gives you peace of mind and entitles you to special rates in the event of an alarm or power failure emergency.

How does it work?

We arrange a short meeting with you to establish the layout of your power and alarm systems and agree instructions for our attendance.  We hold your key and give it a unique identification number, we ensure no connection between your key and your house. 

Call-out costs if we need to attend your property will be :

•    Emergency alarm or even false alarm to check property ..... €30 per visit   (24hrs)
•    To re-set your distribution board due to power failure ........   €15 per visit.

Unlike companies that charge high monthly fees, we only charge extra when called to attend your property.  All prices quoted exclude IVA.

The above are examples of emergency situations, please remember we are not a property management company or a security guard company, we are your 'virtual neighbour' working for you.

We have also launched our "Bespoke Services" - a service tailored to you, see below for more details.

Incentives - It's time to give back:
If you are happy with our service why not tell others?

For every person you refer that actually signs up, you will receive a €20 credit to your membership account. 


Available to Key-Holding Members only, these pay-as-you-go services include the following :-

*  Scheduled house checks while you're away - as and when you require them
*  Laundry drop and return - your bagged laundry taken to laundrette and returned to your home
*  Emergency repairs - i.e wind breaker on fence blown off? we can make a temporary fix
*  Essential grocery shop if you are arriving late at night (giving 48 hours notice)

These types of services can be scheduled as and when you need them, on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Each service will cost €15 plus any materials needed (prices do not include IVA)

ALSO INTRODUCING - Key Care for the Elderly :-